We Check Our Clients’ Data Every Month

Ever wonder if you are screening your data frequent enough?

For example, the Federal OIG database is updated monthly.  We protect our clients from “what you should have known” by processing all our clients’ data each month with our ContinueCheck® service.  If you have a brand-new exclusion, we tell you immediately so you can resolve the problem before the effective date of the exclusion.  This peace of mind is provided at no additional cost.

Need your State’s Medicaid and the GSA's database at sam.gov each month too?  We’ve got you covered.

As a client, you can even send us your new individuals and companies that you have contracted for the month to be added into our ContinueCheck® service, at no additional charge.

This month and every month, we never stop working for you.

Monthly checking at no additional cost. Now that’s peace of mind.
John Sterling Associates - exclusion screening