Expert Service, a Comparison

There are three basic solutions for ongoing exclusion monitoring: an in-house program, using 3rd party matching software or engaging John Sterling Associates to do it all for you. Let’s analyze each.

An in-house program?

A risky option. The Federal exclusion lists and State Medicaid sanction lists rely on alphabetical matches. If your data isn’t optimized to include alternative name spellings and fails to check for variants or changes in last names, exclusions can be easily missed.

After your list has been processed, your next step is to resolve the matches you were able to generate. Many hours and days of your time can be lost struggling to conduct the research and make these decisions. The risk is real; just one mistake, missed exclusion, or false negative can be very costly. Significant time and money are at risk if you try to go it alone.

Using a 3rd party matching software company is no better.

First, you need to format your information to meet their rigid requirements and learn their website entry procedure just to transfer your data to them. Once they start, they may fail to optimize your data to include alternative name spellings and check for variants or changes in last names. Important exclusions can be missed. We know, we have re-processed other 3rd party results only to find exclusions that had been clearly overlooked.

Many 3rd party matching software companies require all your social security numbers. This can lead to potential Identity Theft.

Even worse, they do not resolve all matches. Any questions you might have regarding any exclusion match will likely lead to extra service fees and investigation charges. To avoid these added expenses, you might be forced to download incomplete reports and spend valuable time researching unresolved possible matches at your own risk.

And their fees are still too high.

John Sterling Associates is different. Just get your data to us and we’ll take it from there. In a few days, we will send you the results. Our comprehensive exclusion findings will be provided along with an Executive Summary for your review. No loose ends for you to worry about. No additional time required by you and your team.

Have a question about our findings? We are here to answer your call, respond to your email and support your compliance program. Real-time answers are provided by real people.

Because our unique proprietary system makes us extremely efficient, we have no sales force and can keep our overhead low. As a result, our service fees are generally 25% to 60% lower than other 3rd party matching software companies.

Time and money — We save you both.