Complete Ongoing Exclusion Monitoring

Have you ever wondered if you are screening your data frequently enough?

The Federal OIG exclusion list is updated monthly. Our industry-leading solution, ContinueCheck®, has provided monthly monitoring ever since the Federal OIG LEIE exclusion list began updating monthly.

We protect our clients from “what you should have known” by processing all client data each month with our ContinueCheck® service. If you have a brand-new exclusion, we will inform you immediately so you can resolve the problem before the effective date of the exclusion. This peace of mind is provided at no additional cost.

The GSA EPLS is also included in our monthly ContinueCheck® service along with your applicable State Medicaid List. Over 40 states now maintain individual lists of terminations and sanctions which can affect your Medicaid dollars. Does your state maintain an available sanction list? Find out here.

As a client, you can even send us all new individuals and companies with whom you have recently contracted to be included in our monthly ContinueCheck® service. We do this for no additional charge!

This month and every month – Our ongoing exclusion monitoring is working for you.