About Us

John Sterling Associates, LLC has been at the forefront of healthcare sanction screening for more than years.

With exclusion monitoring as our sole focus, we have perfected the process of professional exclusion screening. As the original provider of fully investigated matches, our team of professionals has developed proprietary algorithms to identify excluded individuals and vendors. All critical findings are clearly and concisely communicated to our clients. While other companies provide a long list of possible matches requiring additional research or want additional fees to review, John Sterling Associates delivers all the answers up front.

John Sterling Associates is the best healthcare sanction screening solution. We screen employees, providers, volunteers, contractors, and vendors to provide full assessments for each match.

Our clients range from small independent facilities to some of the largest multi-hospital systems in the nation. Large or small, every client is valued and receives our highest level of service and personalized attention.

We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio and our service territory includes all 50 states.

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