Providing monthly exclusion monitoring for healthcare organizations with the best solution for ongoing screening against the Federal OIG LEIE, SAM (GSA EPLS), State Medicaid Lists and more.

Healthcare Exclusion Screening Made Simple

Ongoing exclusion monitoring is necessary to comply with current healthcare regulations. The Federal OIG has made it clear that exclusion lists should be checked monthly.  A Special Advisory Bulletin was published entitled, “The Effect of Exclusion From Participation in Federal Health Care Programs“.  This federal bulletin affirms the need to check employees, volunteers, providers, vendors and any other entity interacting within a healthcare institution.

Healthcare exclusion monitoring is our sole focus.  Trust our team to help you navigate this difficult task by delivering a solution and service you can depend upon.

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Complete Exclusion Monitoring

As the original provider of fully resolved matches for exclusion screening, our team has developed the knowledge, methods, and tools to provide our clients with complete answers; not just a list of possibilities.  Our data optimization services coupled with our proprietary algorithms eliminates the risk of missed exclusions and sanctions each and every month.

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Let the Experts provide answers

Feel confident that the task of performing ongoing exclusion monitoring of your employees, providers and vendors is being completed monthly in a secure, professional and thorough manner.

Our solution is easy. Simply send us your data and we will take it from there. Our team will research all potential matches and provide you with a complete assessment for each match.

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Comprehensive Results

Get superior ongoing exclusion monitoring results that leave no additional work for you. You’ll receive thorough reports along with an informative Executive Summary that has been reviewed and signed by our senior management. With our monthly ContinueCheck® service you will know who is excluded from The OIG LEIE Exclusion list, SAM GSA EPLS and State Medicaid lists and who is not.


The Best Solution for Less

Time is money. Every month our ongoing exclusion monitoring will save your healthcare system time by providing fully investigated matches summarized in clear reporting. We value our clients’ time and pride ourselves in developing trusted relationships as we provide the best healthcare sanction screening services available.